Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The EVER changing world around ME

I haven't posted in quite along time due to the fact I sort of got confused about blogging and by visiting everyone's great looking blog's I got inspired to start again. So many fun & wonderful things to show & talk about so bear with me as I give this another try.
I am very excited about a new quilt book and making the quilt and want to show you my journey along the way and if you haven't began the Farmer's Wife Pony Quilt yet, please do. The group just started Monday October 3 and it will be a block of the week and short stories to go with each block. Fun Fun!
I finished 2 blocks so far.

                                                                          A DANDY


  1. They look like great blocks to start your new quilt.

  2. Your Dandy block reminds me of the lovely 1930 blocks. Have fun on your journey.