Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hobo Quilt Adventure Begins Here today

Starting on a new adventure and I am so excited. Something about this book and quilt has me really drawn to it. Therefore I am going to do my best to blog, journal and enjoy the ride.
For those of you that have not heard about Hobo Quilts by Debra G. Henninger, then read on and follow along with me. I know you'll want to join in on the fun. Even if you don't plan on making this quilt it is very interesting reading and learning how the Hobo's lived and survived. We are a new Yahoo group run by Stephanie Gallegos. Thank you Stephanie for organizing this for everyone to enjoy.

Here is a picture of one of many layouts from the book that shows the finished quilt- designed by Debra Henninger  and  Pieced and appliqued by Debra Henninger and Sharon Janzen and quilted by Jeri Rennie are they some talented people or what?

For my 1St. Block -BE AFRAID these are the fabrics I chose. I want to stay as close to the book picture as I possibly can.

My cutting layout:

My finished block:

I have also been going through my stash and pulling out fabrics that I thought would work, and have made myself a shopping list so I don't repeat buying the same fabrics...ha ha admit it you do it too!
So now off to give some attention to my many other UFO's and WIP
For now, thanks for reading and come back to check on the progress of the HOBO QUILT and my other projects.
Bye Nancy in Sunny St. Louis, MO.


  1. I have this book also. My husband is a former Railroad worker - 37 1/2 years and his oldest brother and father before him. We both remember "hobo's" when we were younger. Living in Railroad towns on opposite ends of the country as we did we saw a lot of men hopping trains and riding the rails also. They were still doing it even in the early 2000's when he retired. Am sure it is still prevelant in todays economy also.
    I am doing the Civil War Dairy quilts, Farmers Wife, have done several of the Dear Jane, Dear Hannah quilts so far, and if a block can be made small I do it. Love Jo Morton's blocks she does for the most part too.

    Gail in Arizona

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