Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Great Meeting with Debra Henninger

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 was a night to remember. I attended the Bits & Pieces quilt quild in Ballwin, Missouri. Debra Henninger was the guest speaker and before she started I was able to speak with her and have some pictures taken. She is so sweet and kind. The stories she told were very interesting. Wish you all that are making the Hobo Quilt could have been there.

She signed my 1st. weeks block Be Afraid pg.33, how cool is that. I also was able to see & touch, oh yeah you always need to touch the mother quilt. ha ha
Here are some of the photos from that night. I had my first row finished and sashed to show her.
Her label from the Original quilt.


Here are some other photos of her quilts she was showing from the book.
Photos are not so good, but here they are.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I have.
Happy quilting
Bye Nancy

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  1. What a lucky duck you are! It's such a fun quilt, and of course, always great to see and touch the original mother.