Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mills Girls Quilt Along

I have been lurking around the Sylvia's Bridal Site for awhile and noticed that a new quilt-along was to begin on Friday October 15 and YES YES YES I joined. It is called Mills Girls. I do not have the book ordered yet, but  I will later today hopefully I can find it.
I planned on using up my stash, but decided just now (a woman can change her mind fast..ha ha) to do blue & orange only. My mission is to finish this one in time for xmas present for my Grandson, Wesley.
He loves basketball and his school colors are blue and I plan to use novelty fabrics with basketballs on it.
What will you be using???
OMG I have this book(brain fart) it is the same one we used to make our 2011 New Years Reflection Blocks from. YEAH now I can get started.
I REALLY need to straight up and inventory what is in this messy sewing room. LOL


  1. Oh how fun! That will be so unique and will make a super gift. I'm using autumn colors, to go with the season here.

  2. I too am hopping onto this bandwagon just as of last night 2:40 am when I could stand it no more and got up to select fabrics!